Kershaw County Farmers Market

Rules and Regulations

and Vendor Application

The Kershaw County Farmers Market is a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation and operation of a public market in downtown Camden, SC. It is intended to be primarily a farmer grower market that uses a community friendly setting to promote and support local food production. The market operates under the direction of the Board of Directors. Rules and regulations to govern the market have been established by the board and are a part of the vendor agreement. This agreement also serves as an application. (Please read this document carefully before completing and submitting the vendor application.)

1. Operating Dates and Times:

  • The Saturday market opens on the first Saturday in April and runs through the Saturday before Thanksgiving Rain or Shine. The Market hours are from 9 a.m. - noon. Vendors must be in place by 8:30 a.m.

  • Vendors are asked to give a 24-hour notice if they will not be attending the market.

    Initial "I have read and understand Operating Dates and Times" in the application form provided below.

2. General Rules:

  • All vendors must complete and sign a vendor agreement/application and have a copy of any required documents to be approved by the board before becoming a vendor. The board reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling at the market and withdraw privileges of any vendor at their discretion. In the application process or throughout the season, the board reserves the right ot visit the vendor's production location by appointment.

  • Vendors are expected to remain open during market hours. Arriving late and leaving early may impact the vendor's ability to participate in the market. For any reason you need to leave early please speak to the manager first.

  • All food trucks and trailers must give dimensions and servicing side of equipment.

  • Quiet generators are preferred or you must muffle sound. If at any time noise is a problem, you may be relocated towards the back of the market, if there is space available. Excessive generator noise can result in vendor privileges being withdrawn.

  • Vendors will treat other vendors with respect and not interfere with customers standing at their site, if any issues arise please contact the manager.

  • Solicitations for products, services, or charitable contributions are not permitted without permission from the manager.

  • Vendors may only sell products that are listed on the application and/or have been approved by the board.

  • No Smoking/Vaping is allowed on the Kershaw County Farmers Market Property.

  • City of Camden plastic bag ordinance, No single use plastic Bags are to be used unless the customer brings their own, you can use paper bags, biodegradable bags or reusable bags.

Initial "I have read and understand the General Rules" in the application form provided below.

3. Products That Can Be Sold:

  • Farmer/grower: Any person or persons who is directly involved in the local production of agricultural products, produce or plants in SC is welcome as a vendor. To compliment sales vendors may offer resale products if they are clearly marked "resale"

  • Livestock/livestock products: All livestock must be raised in a humane manner, with the utmost care taken to insure the health and wellbeing of the animal. This category includes meats, cheese, eggs, farm raised fish, honey, wool and other products derived from animals.

  • Arts and Crafts: Any original local craftsperson or artist that makes his/her own product may become a vendor. Priority will be given to artists that produce largely from natural materials and/or original sources. Resale artwork or crafts are not permitted.

  • Food prepared on/offsite: Food items or items for consumption that are made onsite are permitted given the appropriate permits are obtained and that all DHEC procedures are followed. Home based food items must meet Cottage Food Law.

  • All other food vendors must operate out of a DHEC approved facility. It is the vendor's responsibility to ensure that he/she is compliant and has a letter of proof from DHEC. All food vendors (including cottage law vendors) must provide proof of liability insurance.

  • Vendors can use the insurance company of their choice. Here are 2 options:

  • Brick and Mortar resellers and Direct Sales vendors are allowed on a limited basis and at the discretion and approval of the market board.

Initial "I have read and understand Products That Can Be Sold" in the application form provided below.

4. Licenses, Inspection Requirements, Insurance, and Taxes:

  • Vendors must meet all applicable local, state and federal regulations, inspections, regimes and labeling requirements for products they sell.

  • Adequate proof of current compliance must always be provided and available for inspection.

  • Meat & egg vendors are required to have a meat and egg handler license.

  • Sellers of livestock products for human consumption (meat, dairy, cheese, eggs, fish, and any products made from such) must furnish a current copy of their product liability insurance policy with their application.

  • All food vendors (prepared on/offsite) must furnish a current copy of their liability insurance policy with applications.

  • Vendors are responsible for their own local and state sales taxes, licenses and permits.

Initial "I have read and understand Licenses, inspection requirements, insurance, and taxes" in the application form provided below.

5. Spaces:

  • Sites are marked off in 10' x 10' areas, some allowing room for 1 small car.

  • Sites may only be reserved for the season in advance if payment for the full season is made

  • If vendors are not in place by 8:30 a.m. (food vendors must be in place by 8 a.m.) their assigned space will be considered vacant for that day and may be filled with another vendor. Sellers will maintain clean sites including 5' surrounding their site and remove all trash at the end of the day.

  • Vendors are responsible for their own tents, tables, scales, containers, etc. used for the sale of their goods.

  • Tents must be steady and weighted, staked or tied down in some form.

Initial "I have read and understand Spaces" in the application form provided below.

6. Fees:

  • The Saturday market vendor fee is $20 per space (10' x 10') $30 for 2 spaces. A 2nd space is only for use by vendors needing a second space and not to be shared or used by a second vendor.

  • Vendors will be charged for additional spaces used if their vehicles are not detached from their trailers and occupy a vendor space.

  • Food trucks over 30' $50 per food truck. If it's a trailer, vehicles must be unhooked and parked in the parking lot.

  • Brick and Mortar and Direct Sales Vendors, $60 for 2 consecutive Saturdays. These vendors will be put on a rotation schedule with other vendors for 2 week intervals.

  • Corporate Table: There is a $50 fee for business and organizations to use the corporate table. There will be only one corporate entity per market, so you will be the featured business or organization of the week. You may distribute information and take orders from your table location only, no soliciting vendors or shoppers in other areas. You must submit an application and be approved in order to participate. Prior to the market, we will mention your business in our online advertising (Facebook & Instagram), linking information & photos from your website and business social media pages.

  • All vendor fees are paid online via an invoice you will receive.

  • All vendor fees are subject to change with board approval.

Initial "I have read and understand Fees" in the application form provided below.

7. Market Manager:

  • The market will be supervised by a manager who answers to the Market Board.

  • The manager's mission is to enforce the rules and regulations to the best of his/her knowledge.

  • Any grievance regarding vendors should be directed to the Market Manager and if needed brought to the Board of Directors.

Initial "I have read and understand Market Manager" in the application form provided below.

Kershaw County Farmers Market Vendor Application


By providing my email and phone number, I agree to be contacted by the Kershaw County Farmers Market manager.